Funky Decorating Ideas For Your Apartment & Home

Written on:March 29, 2013
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Funky apartment living roomLiving in a new apartment is indeed a challenging journey of our life. Even though you will only have limited space compared to the life you were living in your parents’ home but it is undeniably true that living independently will give you a carefree life and freedom. Indeed, renting an apartment probably gives you limited power to do permanent renovation and major reconstruction, however, this does not mean that your imagination and comfort should be limited as well.

You can still add various types of funky apartment decor to lift the mood of your apartment. This passage will take you to a simple discussion about apartment decoration you can use to add the funk and cool mood to your apartment so you better keep reading.

The Features of Funky Decor

Stylish Dorm and Apartment Decorating IdeasDo you know what kind of decorations that are considered funky decors? Actually, the styles variety of this kind of home or apartment decors widely varies. One example of this kind of apartment decors is vintage apartment decorations. Vintage is definitely considered as an era that can bring funky mood to a house or apartment.

It has classic yet also unique sense to a room that is built in this modern era. Therefore, if you want to add funky mod to your new apartment then it is highly recommended for you to take several decorations with vintage or retro style.

Vintage decorations also work very well if you’re dealing with limited space in your apartment. It’s very fitting for young people or college students and it can really add some special feel to your apartment.

The Furniture

Small apartment interior decorating with colorful funky bright finishThe first thing you need to consider once you are thinking about funky apartment decor is apartment furniture. Indeed, adding furniture to your apartment can be the most costly part of your apartment decorating project. Hence, you need to carefully consider and choosing the furniture effectively in this matter. It will be wiser for you to shop in clearance sale or thrift store so you can get furniture with affordable prices. However, you still need to keep in mind that the furniture should represent the funky mood you want to add.

Since it is an apartment then you will definitely not need to add as many furniture as you will add to a house, hence, it will be more cost effective for you. For example, you can add a kitchen cabinet with mid century style for your apartment’s kitchen for the funky style. Meanwhile, you can also choose a retro sofa for your apartment’s living room. This kind of furniture will not only be useful for your apartment’s functionality but it will also add the funky mood you want to create to your apartment. Remember not to add too many furniture so you will not make your apartment too crowded and packed.

Wall Decors

Another funky apartment decor you can also add to your apartment is wall decoration. Indeed, if you want to get simple yet effective decoration to light up your apartment then nothing can beat the power of wall decors. Even though it may look simple and small but wall decorations can really lift the mood of the whole room. For an example, you can consider hanging several words decals that can make a great statement to your apartment.

Final Thoughts

I do hope this article gave you a few good ideas on how to start with funky decorations in your apartment. I’m sure everyone will be impressed with whatever you come up with, and whatever it ends up looking like I’m certain you’ll be pleased.

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  1. eMoov says:

    When it comes to interior design, your imagination is the limit. These funky decoration ideas will make you realize that you can do everything to make your apartment or home beautiful and pleasant to your own eyes.

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