Difference Between Fonts & Typefaces Explained

Written on:April 13, 2012
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An image displaying various fonts and typefaces

The confusion between fonts and typefaces happens every single day. Most people can’t tell the difference, and for good reason. This post will hopefully explain the basic difference so you can finally understand how to properly use the terms.

As explained by Fontbasics, the difference is in fact much simpler than it may seem. Below is one basic example which should give you the idea:

  • Typeface: Arial
  • Font: Arial Bold, Arial Italic

Basically, a typeface can have many different (but essentially similar) fonts. A lot of typefaces include different fonts, but their design and looks are pretty much the same.

In professional typography the right terms are usually used, but for everyone else, if you say “font” when you should actually say “typeface” is normal. Just understand that there is a difference.

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