How To Fix Stolen Identity

Written on:January 22, 2013
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To prevent your identity from being stolen you have to take some necessary steps. Through this you can protect your identity from the wrong people. Here is the way of best protection against a stolen identity.

How to fix stolen identityFirst you have to have your credit report. You have to follow some simple and straightforward procedures to get the credit report. Now place a fraud alert in your credit report and then close the account that is suspected to be theft by thieves. You can be sure about that by some signs: if you get any warning notification letter frequently that is stating that your identity is stolen by some others.  Now submit a complain letter to the federal trade commission stating the condition of your identity. Now report another complain to the nearest police station explaining the problem and another to the police station of the area where the steal has been has been occurred.

But there may be some cases where you will be unable take these steps. Suppose the person who has stolen your identity is your known person or member of your family. You can report to the federal trade commission explaining your problem. They will give you a form, just fill up and submit the form to the credit reporting agency. Now take some personal step to be safe for any further occurrence. Keep in mind that whenever you use your credit card there will be a chance for stealing the information of your identity. In this case the restaurants, cyber café; seasonal bars are in the list of high risk for this.

Insecure bank statement, account statement, credit card solicitation etc. are the best source of the information that is needed for the seekers of your identity. Be aware in your workplace because it is very common to steal the identity in your workplace by your own colleagues. Be more aware about your security if you are dealing about some confidential information related to your company. Keep all these file in a safe and locked place. Be aware of the calls. You can have calls from any thief who will represent him as an employee of your Phone Company, insurance company or bank and will ask the personal information for an offer which will hard to refuse. Be sure about that before giving the information.

If you are a successful person in your career life there may be some who will try to steal your identity for hampering your image or for the wealth you possess. Be aware if you have to give your driving license, credit card, employment ID to anybody to prevent the leech of your information through that way.

Over all you have to aware about your own security while doing any exchange of money directly or through the internet. Never take any risk in case of dealing your business in internet and make sure you read more about protecting yourself from identity theft online. If you somehow realize that your identity has been stolen take the necessary steps as it is explained here in cool head.

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