What You Must Know Before Buying Heated Electric Socks

Written on:February 4, 2013
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Electric Heated SocksHeated electric socks have significantly grown in popularity over the past few years. What started as a niche product has now developed into a highly sought item popular among senior citizens, outdoor workers, bikers, sportsmen and even military personnel. Even people who suffer from chronically cold feet or poor circulation can finally be at rest and keep their feet warm at all times.

These socks have a ton of different manufacturers and are readily available in stores such as Walmart, Target or Amazon if you want to shop online. It’d be pretty futile to recommend a specific manufacturer. We’re also not exactly talking about high-end technology here so whatever model you decide to purchase will probably be a matter of personal preference or convenience.

As mentioned heated socks are the best way to keep your feet warm no matter what activities we’re talking about. Even hikers and policemen are using them every day and it’s a very affordable way to make your life easier every day. The cost of cheapest electronic heated socks is usually $20-$30 so literally anyone can afford them.

They are powered by batteries which are usually rechargeable and replaceable meaning you can even carry a spare pack with you in case the juice runs out. On cheaper models the battery lasts for about 3 hours, with better (and possibly more expensive) models the battery can last even up to 12 hours, which should be more than enough for any kind of activity throughout the day. On certain models you can also regulate heating, so on a lower setting you’ll be able to prolong the battery even further.

Another important thing to know is that these socks need to be hand washed. Under no circumstances should you wash it in the washing machine as it may completely ruin them. Heated socks must always be hand-washed in warm water, and be sure to use a gentle squeezing action to wash and rinse. Also don’t wring the socks as it may damage the wiring in them. When drying simply hang them or lay them flat if possible, as machine drying can also have negative consequences. When washing, you can use a mild detergent and warm water.

Heated socks are really great for hobbies and outdoor activities, but can also be used inside. If you want your feet to finally be constantly warm through the winter you can purchase quality electric heated socks for less than $50 which is in anyone’s price range.

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  1. Carol Northcutt says:

    I would like to buy these electric socks, where are they?

  2. Gabriel Kacavow says:

    Thanks for your helpful post.
    Please consider more people when generalizing to “anyone” and talking about price. $20-30 for a pair of socks is extremely unaffordable for a huge number of people in this country and certainly elsewhere.

  3. Stace Sironos says:

    Hi there wondering I work in a freezer -28 and my feet always get cold! Even with 4 socks (includes 2 thermal socks 1 Nike dri fit and 1 Calvin Klein ankle socks) and my feet still get cold! Do you think having the electric socks will keep my feet warm at all times? And being in a freezer would there be any hazards?(my legs and feet are completely covered)

    Hope to hear from you!

    Warm regards,


    • admin says:

      It would depend on the manufacturer and model, but higher quality electric socks are designed to work in harsh temperature, and as long as the battery is not directly exposed to such low temperature it should work fine.

      I would recommend looking into each model in more detail to see if the socks can withstand -28 for extended periods of time.

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